Sunday, October 15, 2017

Austria election: Sebastian Kurz set to become the world's youngest leader

The wave of the future. No more globalist, corporate control of countries.

Many artists are somewhat stupid

Love Joan Crawford as I might, when I've been in contact with local actors in local plays, and attended their shows and after-parties... They were silly and self-involved and downright stupid. Same with local artists at their shows. Local musicians? Eh... I went home with one one night and got to sit around in his living room talking to his roommate while the "musician" himself was off shooting up in a back bedroom. (Musicians, at least, don't seem to be pretentious --- they're just boring. Unless you like to sit around listening to them "noodling" for 6 or more hours an evening --- I don't. I've been able to stand it for about 45 minutes.)

I'm 52 now, and I've been around a bunch of people, in both academic and artistic environments... Scientists and business-people are actually the smartest. (In the academic environment, Liberal Arts and Communications professors are the dumbest/least original.)

I've currently spent 9 years of my life chasing after a so-called poet/artist that I knew from a poetry class back in the '80s. She was great circa '86. What she's doing now: Living with random people and off random never-quite-sufficient oil checks. And complaining because her sister gets to go on $40,000 ski trips. (Her sister married better than this so-called artist did.)

Her "dilemma" was interesting to me circa 2008. In 2017, though... I'm bored as shit with her. Nine years ago, I was a loser who couldn't find a job, and she was a loser who couldn't find a rich man to support her. Today... I'm making $16,000 more per year than I was making 9 years ago. And she: Still scruffing around and looking for a sucker to pay her bills.

Kellywise - SNL

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Heart: Crazy On You

Happy Birthday, Ginny (October 11).
I didn't get either Heart or Rickie Lee Jones, her favorites, at the time.


Happy Birthday to Ginny Haney today, October 11. She died at 22. She would have been 52 today.

She listened to this with me in 1983 because I absolutely had to hear it. Yoko and John are ridiculous to me today, but I still remember, and am grateful for, a 17-year-old Ginny's patience. (Probably why she abandoned me a year later!) :)

Monday, October 09, 2017

Tammy Bruce


Milquetoast Republicans Like Charles Sykes: No More

Never-Trumper Republican Sykes (exactly the type of person that I hate worse than Hillary Clinton, whom I never hated until her disgustingly false behavior in 2016 and until learning the extent of the Clinton Foundation corruption; in fact, I voted for her against the nothing Obama in the Democratic primaries in 2008) and interviewer Tammy Bruce on C-SPAN while I was using C-SPAN to go to sleep Sunday night. Sykes was a complete generic Jeb Bush idiot (again --- I would vote for Hillary Clinton before I would EVER vote for someone like Jeb Bush). 

Tammy Bruce, a conservative herself, calmly discussed with Sykes the fact that Trump, while no Republican (thank god for that), was, nonetheless, an agent of change who was attempting to get rid of both Democratic and Republican orthodoxies... As I drifted off, I was thinking, "Thank you, Tammy Bruce, whoever you are. You are asking sane, rational questions of this epitome of Republicanism that I absolutely HATE." The guy, Sykes, decried Trump for "acting bizarrely," among other shallow and stupid things, like being a "fraud." (If there's one thing that Trump is not, it's emotionally fraudulent: I challenge anyone to name one thing he said on the campaign trail that he's not attempted to follow up with as President.)

I ended up staying awake to watch the whole thing. I woke up the next day wondering who Bruce was. Turns out she's similar to me: Bisexual, feminist, Democrat up until 2008 (me, until 2012) --- when she (and I) realized that something has gone horribly wrong with the Democrat social experiment that began in 1968 or so.

Former radio host and MSNBC contributor Charles Sykes looks at the conservative movement in America. He is interviewed by Tammy Bruce, Fox News contributor and host of The Tammy Bruce Show.

Friday, October 06, 2017

Trump: A Real Man

Compare how Trump reacts to an intruder to how Bernie Sanders reacted to the BLM gals. Trump is a fucking old-school Stud. I admire that sexy, macho lost breed.

RAW VIDEO: Activists disrupt rally featuring Sen. Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders, weakling. Why I couldn't support him last year. Trump, on the other hand --- when someone charged HIS stage, he set his feet and turned directly to confront. A real man.

Trump and Sanders were the only candidates to address the outsourcing of American workers. Those were the two I was interested in. But when I saw Sanders give in to these radicals, I was completely repulsed by his weakness. Not to mention, when I thought about it, his complete ignorance of any concept of how the economy runs. Why wouldn't Trump be the best choice?