Thursday, August 31, 2006

Glenn and the Girdle

Upon reading the news of Hollywood legend Glenn Ford's death at age 90 Wednesday, I'm reminded of a story about Ford and Joan that I came across last year, from a 2004 bio of Ford that I can't seem to find the name of now:

The Ford-Crawford friendship was indeed a bit more intimate than either star admitted publicly at the time. "Joan and I had a brief affair," Glenn admits today. "It was never serious, but we did enjoy each other's company for a while. One evening up in her bedroom, we had a bottle of champagne, and she said 'You can make love to me if you can get my girdle off.' So I began struggling to remove this stubborn, rubber foundation garment. It was so tight, it took quite a while. She wouldn't move, wouldn't help me at all. Finally, it came
off...almost threw me across the room!" The Crawford fling burned out quickly. "She was too powerful for me to be in love with," Glenn says. "She was very much sufficient unto herself."

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Rpeyton said...

I had just bought the 78's SUPERMAN and I had forgetten he played Pa Kent.

When was this affair? Was it during his early days at Warner?
I loved that movie he did with Bette Davis "A stolen Life"

He was married to Eleanor Powell. Maybe they first met during Eleanor and Joan's "last days" at MGM.

Of course it could of been later in life as Joan was a GILF.