Sunday, August 20, 2006

Like a Virgin

A couple of months ago, a 25-year-old co-worker was in my cube looking at the Joan pictures I had up. "She looks like a drag queen," said the attempting-to-be-brash co-worker. "No, drag queens look like HER," responded I, the older, unshockable Yoda figure in this scenario.

Seriously. Without Joan Crawford and Bette Davis and Tallulah Bankhead and Mae West, there would have been no drag queens, because there would have been no strong, outre women worth imitating. Which reminds me---If women weren't falling down on the job today when it comes to public displays of glamour and wit, there'd still be no need for drag queens. There's obviously a huge psychological/aesthetic gap out there that needs filling, which men dressed as women have been stepping into. As if we were back in Shakespearean days, before women were allowed to appear on stage and men had to play their roles.

(And don't say, "What about Madonna?" I've never heard the woman say one witty thing. And she's now completely subdued since she's been married. Real divas don't retire and/or make nice for their husbands.)


Rpeyton said...

I belive both sexes have also fallen down when it comes to glamour and wit.

Looking at the game show clips show that and our backsliding of intelligance.

We have the in your face sexuality or the sexual revolution but none of it political/social involvement.

There aren't many strong personalities out there or at least brave enough to show themselves.

After all Celebrity= Celebrated Personality!

On talk shows all these stars are as bland as Hosts on the Home Shopping Network! But then again they do have wares to sell!

I always found the actor James Woods to be quite an interesting interviewee and Rosie also.

And of course Kathy Griffin who gets banned from talk shows for being just herself.

Anonymous said...

joan is beauitful.

David said...

The kids today think it's so easy...

Mike said...

awesome blog!, and so true- Madonna has never said a witty thing in all her 67 years!