Sunday, August 27, 2006

Not Fade Away

Wow. A few weeks ago, I wrote about liking The Knack as a kid, and flirting with drummer Bruce Gary at a show once. Just found out Gary just died of lymphoma, at age 55.

And, earlier this month, Knack lead singer Doug Fieger was operated on for a brain tumor.

And in July, THE Sharona was noted as battling cancer...

I won't go on about "mortality" etc., but...People die. I'm 41 now, and it just actually hit home in the past year or so that the same thing was going to happen to me. Before, as a younger person, the idea of aging and death was always pretty abstract, despite my knowing people who had died, and actually being at a friend's mother's deathbed and witnessing how horrible (decidedly NON-peaceful) it was. I understood the fact of death intellectually, but never quite FELT what it meant... There's a world of difference between being 35 and being 41.


Rpeyton said...

I too have started the aging process. Its just odd. There is a whole generation of people coming up behind me now!

Little 13 yr olds want to know about the day Kurt Kobain died.

I swear in my 9yr old cousins's karate class the teacher made a point about staying in the air like micheal jordan......they did NOT know who he was!

Old age is no place for sissies!

I semi understand that saying now. Its easy to be young but when your knee and other joints start breaking down! Parts of you stop working! Old people are tough!!!!

Lets pay homage and watch the golden girls!!!!

David said...

Omigod, we are totally in the same orbit, girl...

David said...
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