Saturday, September 30, 2006

Feeling Good and Bruised All Over

I'm currently getting together a Julie London website for its debut October 18. One amusing thing has been reading/transcribing all of the liner notes from her albums. For instance, from 1965's "Feeling Good": "Julie London bruises easily. Placed in juxtaposition with, say, a shaggy-dog vocal quartet from England, singing a song based on three wrong chords, she is apt to turn purple all over." Now, I like the Beatles a lot and am grateful in general for the British Invasion's toppling of smarmy early-60s US singers' hegemony on public attention when they absolutely had nothing left to say. (Funny that Elvis couldn't manage the same feat. He was too in awe of the entertainment powers-that-were and wanted to be like THEM.)

It was an odd statement for the liner-note guy to make, since this is the album where Julie for the first time gets kind of slurry and beatnik-y, what with her versions of "King of the Road" and "Watermelon Man" and "Feeling Good" and "Summertime" and her lesbicly-inclined "Hello Dolly"...I love her. Lots of singers try to be sexy, but she IS sexy, in everything from her initial mid-50s purist vocal/jazz albums to her latter-day late-60s albums like "Yummy Yummy Yummy."

In an aside, I'm also wondering: When is someone going to come blow away all of the idiotic hip-hop/group-dance songs/videos so au courant? Every time I turn on MTV, it's like watching a Broadway musical. Generic, controlled-to-the-core, no real feeling---choreographed dancing is never sexy, regardless of the amount of official ass and heavy breathing. Wonder if those hip-hop studs know how gayly "Chorus Line" they're being, while thinking they're so cool...

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