Tuesday, September 19, 2006

You're a loser, baby

I was just talking today at work with a girl (well, she's 25) who has been putting out a literary magazine for the past year or so. I griped 'cause the thing costs $5, it's 26 pages, and it took me only 15 minutes to read. (And the stuff therein is decent, but kind of tired: for instance, half of the pages were devoted to a story about a lonely girl in a small town who makes friends with a new boy/James Dean-like character who likes to go driving around and act "unconventional" by exploring abandoned buildings, etc.)

After that conversation, the two of us started exchanging "pleasantries" about what's going on with ourselves... The "girl" broke up with her girlfriend a few months ago and is now living at home with her parents, who are not charging her for any rent or bills. Yet, all of her money is somehow gone this month. (I know for a fact that she makes about $5000 less than I do a year; but then I live by myself and pay every single thing by myself and only occasionally have to go to a pawn shop for a loan...) I asked her what in the hell she was spending her money on, since she had no rent or utilities to pay. "Well, I'm still paying for the dog-food." (She and her ex still share dogs.) And: "My therapy is pretty expensive." And: "I'm paying $100 a month for yoga." (She doesn't actually go to yoga, but keeps up a membership just in case.) After all of this, I kept looking at her like she was nuts, so she finally said, "I'm actually just waiting for someone to take care of things for me."

I found this whole thing rather repulsive. For one, the "girl" had been cheating on her girlfriend while living with her, but is still now sleeping with her (oh, and paying for dog-food). And then, spending most of your monthly salary on therapy is just ridiculous. And THEN: "I just want someone to take care of things for me"??? All the while this girl's done up like a "hip" granola-slash-post-punk chick, and talks like a feminist, yet constantly says to me whenever we meet infrequently in the break room, "I can't believe you just said that! You're so opinionated!" (And, really, I don't try to shock, and most people don't think I'm so very shocking.) Seriously, she might as well just get married (to a home-owning man) immediately and start wearing appliques on her sweatshirts!

Which also reminds me of a guy I know who blogs online (in his mid-30s) who quits his job every few months (blaming, every time, his "cunt" boss who never seems to understand him or promote him after 2 days), then runs home to his enabling, weak-ass boyfriend, asking him to support him while he tries to "find himself" and continues to complain about why he's only offered close-to-minimum-wage jobs... (Um, because you don't stick to anything more than 3 months so you never move up?)

Jesus...I was born in '65. I'm in no way part of the "Great Generation" (or whatever the fuck Tom Brokaw was calling WWII-era folks a few years ago). I don't believe one should live on bread and water and/or sacrifice every personal desire for The Greater Good. HOWEVER: What is with the above-mentioned losers? I don't believe I've ever in my life come across two specimens more completely slug-like and repugnant. (Even some other repugnant people I've known have actually held down jobs and supported themselves, for pete's sake.)


David said...

Steph, thanks for thinking I'm in my 30's...Doing things on ones' own is best, don't you agree?

Anonymous said...

I thought you were a classy dish, Steph, I find it hard to believe you have to deal with pawn shops at times.