Saturday, November 11, 2006

Election Results

Now...The thing about Fed-Ex is that he's actually sexy-looking to me! (And I'm friggin' 80% gay!) This picture looks hot 'cause they both look a little dirty. Unfortunately, there's nothing actually "dirty" or interesting about Britney. She's dumb as a post (which can be sexy, but in her case, she's just dumb and bland). Of course, K-Fed is dumb, too, but at least he's got a bit of wicked panache. That said: Good riddance on principle to the hanger-on and may Britney get back to her career instead of the boring baby stuff and weird, unfocused interviews. It's always painful to see someone once on point deteriorate so quickly!

And (sorry, no sexy/dirty accompanying picture for this one)...

CONGRATULATIONS DEMOCRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I put enough exclamation marks? Lemme just say that I grew up reading the daily paper and watching the daily news---from age 4! And haven't been able to read or watch regularly since 2000 when that idiot Bush took office 'cause every time I did so I'd get profoundly depressed about whatever stupid, corrupt, nonsensical policy he was promoting. And, no, I'm not crazily liberal. I like balanced budgets; I supported the first Gulf War; I'm pro-gun and pro-death penalty. Bush, though, is an IDIOT. A complete incompetent embarrassment as a president, to his party, to America, and to the state of Texas (where I'm from).

And now, Dems, can you please raise the friggin' minimum wage immediately?! And get us the hell out of Iraq while you're at it? RE the latter: Americans still don't get it: Saddam Hussein had nothing---NOTHING---to do with 9/11. And, sorry to report, George Bush has killed more Americans in Iraq than Osama bin Laden killed by ordering the attacks in NYC on 9/11. Think about THAT for a second.

And finally...Just had to post a recent picture of my wannabe girlfriend. Also slightly "dirty," which I likey! Seriously, though, this girl is GORGEOUS! And I'm happy about having the chance to look at her for the next 30 years. All I ask is that she doesn't hook up with the newly single Federline.

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