Sunday, December 10, 2006

Baby, I can drive my car

I just drove, incredibly drunk, to the Whataburger. (Don't worry, PC folk, I can drive quite well when drunk. It's like those pilots in the news years ago who claimed they could fly with an incredibly high alcohol content 'cause they were used to it. I believed them.) And while doing so, had a thought---if I moved to NYC, I could never drive my car again. I LOVE this car. The first car with a V6 engine that I've ever had, and I can GUN the thing and go as fast as I want. It feels GREAT to drive fast.

When I was in grad school in San Francisco for 2 years in the mid-'90s, one of the absolute WORST things about my whole experience there was having to put up with all of the riding-the-bus crap. The waiting, the obnoxious people sitting next to you...

One of the best feelings in the world is being able to get in your car and crank up your stereo and GO!! The power, the control... (Nothing Freudian there---sometimes "power and control" are just, you know, of a purely zoom-zoom V6 mechanical nature.) ;p

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