Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I'm tellin' ya...

Please---I'm telling/begging everyone... just sit there and LOOK at Lindsay Lohan's face for a while. And she's 20! (To be 20 and to look like that is insane.) I can't even imagine her at 30, much less 40, and what she'll have done by then.


Eben said...

I think she's improved but she's a bit too "Irishy" looking for me.

I prefer the looks of a classic beauty like Taylor or Crawford..

....Audrey Hepburn too for that matter

I think from certain angles Lohan is okay but that forehead is too pronounced for my liking.

Beth Austin said...

I can't argue with Taylor (or Ava Gardner or Grace Kelly)...they're just about perfect-looking. (Audrey Hepburn is a little too "gamin" for my personal taste; I think the modern-day equivalent would be Winona Ryder---who my old boss thought was really hot and we argued over!)

Yeah, Lindsay has a cowlick-hairline and a high forehead (not that it's like Helen Hunt's or anything!)...but those eyes! (Whose are more expressive and sexy, Joan's or Lindsay's? I can't decide.) And I think she has a PERFECT nose. (I adore Joan most of all, but...sometimes her nose did appear to be slightly "overhanging"...Ouch! Sorry Joan!)

As for "Irishy": I think that must be a fetish of mine. Thinking back over my dating history, three of my real-life girlfriends (and one boyfriend) all had Irish surnames and kind of wild spirits, and the girls all had a smattering of freckles and the same look in their eye!