Friday, January 26, 2007

Hi Gin!

In this time of flux for me, I'm also paying more attention to how I'm thinking of people I've been in love with... Since my life situation is black-and-white----there are very specific things you have to do to prepare for moving----the more murky emotional attachments are fading out in the face of actuality. (As in, "Be there for me or don't be there---now's when the truth comes out.")

I just had a dream a couple of nights ago about my old high-school love Ginny. We were preparing to go swimming or something. And she ended up not being able to go, but I wasn't upset about that. It was just getting to see her that made me happy. (While still thinking, ironically, "Figures---another trip not completed.") I'm still mad at that girl, though she's dead. But she still shows up in my dreams every few years and makes me feel good.


Anonymous said...

How can anyone possibly love you? It's impossible.

Beth Austin said...

Julie, just because YOU are mightily conflicted doesn't mean that 100% of the population shares your opinion! Please! ;p