Saturday, January 20, 2007

Tora Laura Lee

I had the strongest dream last night, about a potential character: A female bounty hunter whose name was "Tora Laura Lee." When I woke up, I had images of Helen Mirren from "Prime Suspect" in my mind (I've seen the show exactly ONCE). And the name was emblazoned---so much so that I couldn't brush it off, dumb as it sounded, but had to write it down. Once I got more conscious, I remembered an article I'd read in the "New Yorker" last year about a female bounty hunter---I can't remember her name now, but my sister-in-law has all of the magazine's issues on disc, so I can find it... That, and I've been watching "Dog, The Bounty Hunter" on A&E lately... (except his "catches" in Hawaii are almost always sad-assed, lowly crack addicts).


Anonymous said...

Poorly done all around
If a book's self-published as a last resort it should at least attempt to meet professional standards. This book doesn't. Facts about Crawford and her films are wrong, typos abound, photo quality is terrible... And over half of this so-called 'Letters' book is padded with inane sections on 'Celebrity Stalkers,' 'Joan Crawford's Meatloaf,' plus the author's oddly rah-rah commentary. (Regarding the meatloaf: 'What better way to remember her than to pass around this delicious, yet easy recipe.' Um...Perhaps one better way would be by watching her films?) The letters are interesting, just to hear Crawford's writing 'voice.' Yet most of these letters are already available on at least one online site. This author obviously 'copied and pasted' and had nothing else of interest or intelligence to add to what she'd found. Not recommended, even to hard-core Joan Crawford fans.

Beth Austin said...

I agree completely! That "JC: Her Life in Letters" book was godawful! (What exactly this has to do with my post about bounty hunters, I can't quite imagine, but, nonetheless... You're right on about that amateurish book! Can't wait for the next one!)