Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Two Hoots and a Holler

This guy I went out with maybe two or three times. Once we met at a club and he asked me for $10. Once he called late-night and "needed" me to come over, which I did 'cause he was so sweet about it. When I got there, he chatted for a few minutes then went and shot up heroin in his bedroom while I made small-talk with his roommate. I can't remember the third time. Though there was the time when I was supposed to be taping his appearance on a local cable show for him and Princess Diana died and his taping was interrupted...oooops!

Which isn't really the point. He's a brilliant local musician. I normally hate "local music," but this guy's actually brilliant. I started seeing him at Austin's Black Cat club back in 1989 or so----the club had no air-conditioning in the summer, no heat in the winter, and had an open bonfire out back to roast $1 hot-dogs. And outhouses for bathrooms. He packed 'em in.

I admire John Lennon and George Jones and Joan Crawford, and RB was, and still is, right up there with them as far as talent and charisma go. I'd get chills whenever I'd see him perform. But he was completely non-communicative and jerky on a one-to-one basis. It was flattering when he'd come over to my table at a club between sets and sit there and smoke silently... But, damn, I'm not a perky high-school cheerleader whose goal is to coax males into expressing themselves!

He's had some nice steady girlfriends, though: At clubs, I've shared tables with them, and have had much better conversations with them than with the stoic RB! My personal experience with him made me wonder about my other idols like Joan and Lennon, et al. I'd read about how difficult they were and thought, "NO! I'd be their understanding help-meet!" Ha! The uber-talented and original thinkers are a thing unto themselves and, being egotistical myself (while not quite as talented or original), I'm nowhere near patient enough to put up with the short-term bullshit, though I wish I could be. I really do wish I could be, because I think the long-term journey with such people would be ultimately amazing and magical. There's so little magic in everyday life. I wish I had the patience to wait for it. How could you not love lyrics like these and want to be this man's girl:

It's not that sideways grin she wears
It's not that kinky savoir faire
It's not the way she hates this world
Makes me want her for my girl...

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