Friday, February 02, 2007

Bye Bye Baby

It took me 6 hours tonight to divide up my books for moving. I was trying to be nice to my mom and not give her tons of books to mail to me in NYC later, but I couldn't help it---I'm gonna want those books later! All the Joan Crawford books went into the SEND IMMEDIATELY pile. And all the Plath books, and the NYC-related books, like the history of, and the drag queens of... Plus Rilke, Eliot, Yeats, early Hemingway... Seriously, there are something like 10 boxes of books, and I can't have all of them... Nor can I immediately have all of my clothes or shoes... I've had to pack up the clothing boxes and label them "1" or "2" for priority...

I'm listening to the Bay City Rollers again right now, and "Summer Love Sensation" is on---I LOVE that song! I never particularly liked Derek, but when he says "Baby, I love you..."---Yow! ;p And now "Bye Bye Baby"---My German cousin Susi told me this was their biggest hit in Germany.

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