Sunday, February 04, 2007

Turn me on dead man

I'm just curious, both guys and girls...what gender would be most likely to be turned on by this photo? I found it more freaky than sexy---when I was looking at it, I wasn't so much turned on as kind of fascinated by the graphic-ness of it. (Kind of like issues of "Hustler" I've seen---there's nothing sensual about those photos, but there's a kind of hard-core "freak" aspect to them, like seeing photos of dead people or slowing down to witness the aftermath of a car-crash. You can't help but looking and reacting.)

One of the reasons I ask is because the same person who posted this photo (elsewhere) once e-mailed me a Hustler-style photo of a woman on her hands and knees, with her genitals graphically displayed, thinking it would be sexy to a woman... (Again, it wasn't really "sexy," just something to look at, like an accident.) The person who sent this to me was claiming to be a woman at the time; when I showed the photo to a girlfriend of mine (an actual woman), the first thing she said was, "A guy sent that."

Is there a hard-core "wiring" for "male," regardless of whether or not someone's had an operation?

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Anonymous said...

That picture is fu@king hot!