Sunday, March 25, 2007

Big Pile o' Crap Alert

This just in from Neily, one of the creepy trio whose Joan Crawford book was supposed to be out already (the publisher nixed the book, but Neily's still pretending it's coming out "later"):

"I have been working hard on the upcoming Joan Crawford book with co-authors Michelle Vogel and Joan Crawford's own grandson, Casey Lalonde. This book will hopefully shed a new light on Joan. Casey, Michelle and I also have a huge project that we are so excited about because it will without a doubt shed some new light on Joan Crawford. We will most likely announce this “news” in a few months."

First of all, Michelle Vogel's writing skills are...amateurish. Don't look to me for critique, just look up her reviews on Amazon. She apparently puts out a book every 6 months, and they as if they're put out every 6 months. Her reviews are terrible. Just as her last "Joan Crawford: Her Life in Letters" was terrible.

Second of all, Joan Crawford's grandson Casey has been milking his 3 or 4 meetings as a toddler in the early '70s with his grandmother Joan for about 2 years now. And for some reason he's now the "expert" on all things Joan---??? The guy knows nothing about his grandmother other than what he reads on my website.

Third, I just have to laugh about Neily. What he usually does is copy items from my own Joan website, then back-date them a day or two on the "announcements" page and then proclaim "You heard it here first!" (And then e-mail me dramatically: "I have a son! I have a son! I'm family-oriented and you're not!" Not to be mean, but... Neily, your boyfriend fucked around on you while you were together and had a son...doh! I would say "Who cares," but since you've brought it up...your "happy family" isn't quite as happy as you've pretended it is. You're a complete, creepy hypocrite!)

UGH. Watching these 3 trying to make money from Joan's memory is repulsive.


Anonymous said...

Oh my god, if I had a boyfriend who did that he would be out the door in a minute, probably with a few broken bones too! both he and the kid could go live with the baby's momma!

I mean if you have any pride at all you dont put up with that kind of crap, its kind of sad though when you let it go and then put the spin on it and say you're a happy nuclear family...then watch the next kid pop up (because you know how it goes...once a cheater, always a...) and its bad enough doing that, but is such thing as a condom! :O

Anonymous said...

Michelle Vogel actually went to TCM BB with a question: "Which classic star biography should I write next"?
You gotta laugh...

David said...

Why don't YOU write a JOan book. Seriously, it would be fantastic. Let the other crap go.