Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The city that never sleeps...hah!

A new city's not broken in 'til you've made a drunken food run in the wee small hours. Which I just did. At 5:40am, I trudged the 2 blocks to the McDonald's on Broadway, craving a McNuggets Happy Meal. Too bad for me, the store was closed. But with only 10 or so minutes to wait 'til the 6am store opening, I stood outside the store, feeling somewhat like a hooker for hanging around on the street in the dark. Only, I actually didn't feel like a hooker since there were plenty of people out and about. Though I did feel disgruntled---most hamburger joints in Austin are open 24/7, so what the hell happened to "the city that never sleeps," huh, huh?!

A couple of minutes before 6, another woman joined me in our short "line" outside the store. She said something in Spanish, which I didn't understand, and then she said, in English: "Are you German?" I laughed and gestured to my blonde hair, and she nodded. Now, I do happen to be HALF-German (mom), but it was funny to me that just being blonde would make someone think I was German! She didn't ask "Texan" or "Swedish" or any other stereotypical blonde thing... Anyway, it put me in a good mood for some reason. (The same way, back in the '80s, a guy at a bus-stop in Austin who asked me if I was from New Jersey---I guess 'cause I was wearing all black---made me feel good.)

When I got into the McDonald's though, I forgot about my joy-in-Germanity and was again disgruntled: At 6am they only served the breakfast menu, no McNuggets. Now, seriously---Austin, Texas, is small-town compared to NYC, yet Austin's McDonalds have the full dinner menu available 24 hours a day (not to mention side salads, which this McDonald's doesn't carry, ever).

Alright, the message for today is: This city sleeps. And Tiffany's has kids working at the counter.

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