Thursday, March 22, 2007

Dusty Springfield/Carole Pope

My roommate turned me on to the under-recognized Canadian singer Carole Pope... don't much like her music (Meat-Loaf-ish, very late-70s, though her bondage-image was cool and avant-garde at the time), but I was interested in her 6-month affair, according to her 2000 bio (courtesy of roomie), with Dusty Springfield. Dusty was apparently a big ol' mess (drinking heavily to the point of hospitalization and cutting herself), but there were also sexy/cute things like Dusty singing to Carole in bed when they were lying next to each other and Dusty's blow-by-blow accounting of the Charles/Di wedding... The bio itself was dull-ish, being that "Canadian stardom" is kind of dull (though Pope made forays into NYC and now lives in LA). Pope did appear on MTV in its early days and on "Solid Gold" (lead singer of "Rough Trade"), and did have several albums out, but the Springfield episode was pretty much the highlight of her public existence.

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