Sunday, March 18, 2007


Back when I was in grad school in San Francisco in '94-95, I had no urge to call the town "Frisco," yet I heard reiterated a hundred-snotty-times: "Don't call it 'Frisco.'" You know what, fuck you, "Frisco." That's what's so dumbly snotty about the city: "Frisco" should be a cool thing, a complimentary nickname. But noooooo...

In this week's "Village Voice" (out of NYC), a young writer trying to be cool followed the decades-old-line, trying to correct a "Frisco" mention by a local rapper: "It's NOT called 'Frisco'." My take on that would be: If a rapper mentions "Frisco"---then probably he's been to "Frisco" and it's "Frisco," ya dumb 20-year-old Columbia graduate!

Perhaps if we all started calling "San Francisco" "Frisco" then maybe they'd regenerate their lost art and music scene, ya think? There hasn't been anything going on there since the '60s.

Imagine if PC New Yorkers suddenly went on a snooty rampage: "Don't call us 'The Big Apple.'" Luckily there are 8 million or so New Yorkers, intellectuals as well as construction workers, who take pride in "The Big Apple" and wouldn't dream of being so stupid or obnoxious as to protest a friendly nickname.

It's the fuckin' Big Apple. And everyone here fuckin' knows it.

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