Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Girls at MAC Wear Black

I've finally decided to stop lying around and get a job in NYC. Albeit a temp job (ha! as if I could find anything else!). At any rate, my first temp job was/is at MAC, a cosmetics company, which I'd never previously heard of, but which is apparently very big world-wide. My job was to smear samples of cosmetics---eye shadow, lip gloss, lipstick, mascara, etc.---onto squares on sheets of paper. A bit tedious, but also flashing me back to kindergarten and coloring, which I always liked and got kudos for.

What was most interesting to me was being around the whole "fashion culture" for the first time. To start, my temp-agency agent told me to be sure and wear black---all black---when I showed up at MAC. I'd told my agent that I was from Texas, and I thought she was just messing with me, since Southerners are, I guess, known for wearing pastels or something. But no---when I went to MAC on my first day, I asked my boss: "For real, we have to wear all black?!" She was extremely nice---"Yeah, that's just what we kind of wear. But not on Fridays. On Fridays you can wear different colors. But not red. I've never seen anyone wear red." (Woooooo! I cut loose with a smoky blue shirt this past Friday.)

The second thing I noticed about said culture is that: The women are very nice-looking and extremely well-put-together. Living among the Dominicans in Washington Heights in north Manhattan, I feel very blonde and sexy. In SoHo (MAC's location), however, I feel, in comparison, like a big ol' non-famous frump. I guess there are two ways of dealing with that: One, I should "Just Be Me" and "Be Happy With Me." Two, I should get off my ass and exercise and get better makeup and clothes. Hmmmm... I think I'll get off my damn lazy ass and get some clothes! Seriously, the girls I've seen walking around in SoHo are, if not HOT, then at least interesting-looking! I half-expected to see Lindsay on my lunch-hour today.

Speaking of lunch-hour: A tourist shot photos of me today! I was sitting in front of a building scarfing down a slice of pizza during my lunch hour, and I looked up to see a guy across the street shooting me! I was puzzled: "Am I sitting in front of a historic building?" I wasn't. And then I wondered: "Is he shooting me 'cause I'm so New York or 'cause I'm so weird?" Whichever,look for my "slice of New York" photo on some freak's blog in the coming weeks!

I am absolutely in love with SoHo... what a pretty---nay, gorgeous!---part of town. Now...I'll just get to work on my best-selling novel so I can eventually afford to live there.

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