Friday, March 16, 2007

Snow snow snow snow snow snow SNOW!

Who needs 50 words? (Or however many the Eskimo allegedly have.) It's 4:30 am March 16, and the SNOW SNOW SNOW is coming down like mad. I'm absolutely enamored! I grew up in Texas, and every other year or so, there'd be one weather alert: "There might be an inch of snow"---which usually turned out to be, every 3 years, a tiny bit of ice, enough to completely shut down schools and work for a day.

For the past 3 days in NYC, it's been about 60. UGH. "Just like Austin," I thought. And I didn't WANT "just like Austin." I'd lived in Austin for 23 years, except for a 2-year stint in grad school in San Francisco in the mid-'90s, and like clockwork: come mid-March (i.e., "Spring Break" for the University of Texas and the SXSW music/film fest), all the trees bloomed and it was permanently spring. "Spring" lasting about a month, before 85-degree weather kicked in through June, then 90-to-100-degree weather through October.

I'm sure if I'd been in NYC since last November, I'd be dead sick of wintery-ness. But, a-ha, I HAVEN'T been here since November, only since February. I'm mean and selfish. I want some blizzards. The forecast for tomorrow and Saturday is: up to 6 inches of snow! Hurrah! Snow is magical. It's NEAT when it hits you in your face. I like trudging through it to buy a pack of cigs or some beer. Makes you feel challenged. And then cozy when you've finally made it to the "comfort" of the subway, or of your apartment. (But, really, check with me next year at this time, when I might perhaps be bitchin'..."goddamit, in Austin, it was never cold!" That will be the true test! ;p

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