Saturday, March 03, 2007

Washington Heights

While I'm irritated at being called "Gringa" on the streets of my new north-Manhattan-Dominican-dominated NYC 'hood, I'm nonetheless damn happy to be here in this city! : ) My initial shopping excursions to nearby grocery stores were oh-so-difficult ("Where the HELL are the refried beans, and the Paul Mitchell products?!"), but I've since found other shops that come close to catering to my particular whims... which don't happen to include a yen for store-bought "Human Hair"! (Check out the marquee on that one store-front.)

That said, this Washington Heights 'hood is interesting (one block away is the site where George Washington lost a battle to the British in the Revolutionary War, now a cemetery; and then there's a house from the first Dutch settlement in the 1700s a few blocks further north). Plus the gorgeous view of the Hudson River outside my window... While I bitch about refried beans, I'm in the meantime mightily impressed by my beautiful, and historical, surroundings.

Not to mention already getting to see both "Flamingo Road" and "The Best of Everything" in my first 3 weeks here. (With "Sudden Fear" and "Johnny Guitar" upcoming in March.) Any place that looks this good AND offers up Joan films on a regular basis... I'm in love.

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