Friday, March 23, 2007

"Why Do Straights Hate Gays?"

Larry Kramer in the LA Times.

Things go along just swimmingly in your everyday gay life (if you happen to be living in a big city, that is). And then you read bad shit like the above, which unfortunately reinforces what you've just been watching on the mainstream news channels, but haven't been wanting to believe, since you've been feeling so "safe"...

Why the fuck is saying "nigger" on the air verboten, but saying "faggot" still OK? And why the fuck are black men, of all people, so weirdly anti-faggot, when they themselves have long been the targets of irrational prejudice?

Think about it, all you once-and-current "oppressed people"---and let's just use the military for an example: At one point, black men weren't allowed in the military. Would cause too much disruption for the prejudiced white boys.

Later, women weren't allowed. Would cause too much disruption for the prejudiced boys.

And today, gays aren't officially allowed in the military...would cause too much disruption for the prejudiced straight boys.

Start to see a pattern that perhaps the prejudiced BOYS have the problem?? (Or that prejudiced-boy surrogates like Ann Coulter have the problem?) When WILL any public leader stand up and say OUT LOUD that the anti-gay rhetoric is downright wrong? A bunch of fucking cowards we have for "leaders."

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