Thursday, April 12, 2007


(Gee, I just hate blogs that talk about stuff like this...)

But... I'm sick of the American Idol powers-that-be, and their suck-up media, dissing Sanjaya! (Thanks, Howard Stern, for your Sanjaya vote campaign, however twisted it is!) ;p

This week, Sanjaya's rendition of "Besame Mucho" was goose-bump raising. The kid and his vocal were very sexy, despite Simon's half-assed back-handed compliment. (BTW: I'm not sure why the judges have been dissing Sanjaya...If they didn't think he could sing, why then did they let him through to the finals? If the quality of the finalists is lacking, which it has been in cases like Haley's, for instance, then it's no one's fault but the judges'.)

My favorites, talent-wise, are Blake and Melinda, but Sanjaya's got that subtle, original something... In fact, I predict that Sanjaya will be in the final 3, along with Melinda and Blake (with Chris and Lakisha close runners-up---Chris, however, is a Blake wannabe, just as Lakisha is a cruder version of Melinda. Jordin is pleasant, but very generic. Phil's already outta there.)

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Beth Austin said...

My boy lost! And, alas, my prediction of "top three" was way wrong. Still, though, Sanjaya CAN sing. Not as a "powerhouse," but he can sing... and he's going to have more fans in the future than the bland Phil or Lakisha or Chris ever will.