Saturday, April 14, 2007

Black Like Me

In light of recent bitchin' by black "spokespeople" like Jackson and Sharpton about how blacks are allegedly underrepresented on US TV and in film, I'm reminded of a poll I saw a couple of years ago, which asked US teenagers what percent of the population they thought black people were. The result: They thought something like 40%, primarily because they saw and heard so many blacks on TV and on the radio.

In truth, blacks make up (according to the last census) only 13% of the US population. Given that 13% number, ARE they under-represented in the US media? Take the 2006 Oscar noms, for example: Forrest Whitaker won for Best Actor, Will Smith was nominated; Eddie Murphy was nominated for Best Supporting Actor; Jennifer Hudson won for Best Supporting Actress. Black actors won 50% of the top 4 categories. A far greater percentage than their actual 13% of the population would indicate. (Hispanics, BTW, also consist of about 13% of the US population---do you hear them bitching? They have more of a right to, since they have nowhere near as great a presence as blacks on mainstream TV and radio, or in movies.)

I'm bored to death with blacks whining, "We're underrepresented in the media!" Just quit, already, with the great big "oppressed" thang. When your fathers and mothers couldn't drink out of white people's water fountains and had to sit on the back of the bus, I felt sympathy for you. Nowadays, that same prejudice doesn't exist and I'm mightily irritated by your constant boo-hooing. You're no longer overtly discriminated against, yet you keep on bitchin'... There are plenty of Asians who came to this country and started from scratch and started up stores, making something of themselves... If people new to this country can do it, then why can't YOU do it? Perhaps you should take a look at yourselves rather than blaming Asian shop-owners or the white "powers-that-be." Every college and corporate opportunity is now available to you, and has been available to you for the past 40 years. If you're not smart or talented or hard-working enough to make it, then look at yourself before blaming "whitey the oppressor." In 1860 or 1960, that might have washed, but it doesn't play now.


Anonymous said...

Who da fuc do you think you are, you white honky bitch. Someone forwarded me this postin in my group. U have no right posting this. Say it to my black ass face bitch and see what ya git. Fuckin biatch!!

Beth Austin said...

Oh my, you're soooo "ghetto"!

Anonymous said...

He was obviously tramatized as a child by a blonde, stringy haired, white ho...err...woman.