Wednesday, April 04, 2007

"Hey Girl, come on, don't bring me down!"

Me, Debbie, and Ian Mitchell at the Ian (Bay City Rollers) show last Saturday Night in Joisey. After a 2-hour drive from NYC and getting waaaay lost. After meeting and arguing "philosophy" with local barfly "Ken Bastard." After watching Ian (who wore a tutu during the show) getting majorly hit upon by a local Irish skank post-show and falling for it! Not to mention my friend Debbie bemoaning that she was past her official groupie days and loyal to her fiance and couldn't show that girl what's what! ;p

The Joisey bar, "Brighton Bar," was completely local and regular. A semi-dive with a smattering of local kids, plus older 30-to-50-year-old obvious regulars. I hadn't quite known what to expect for a "Bay City Rollers" show... Embarrassingly, I was early-on mocking some way-older women who were there wearing tartan skirts (the Bay City Rollers were known in their '70s heyday for wearing tartan). When I struck up a conversation with a young guy at the bar who (mockingly) admired my tartan scarf, I was like, "Gawd, did you see those old Bay City Roller groupies?!" Cough-cough...They weren't groupies--they were the opening band, the Catholic Girls! Doh! Looks like me and my junior-high-school friend Debbie were the oldest groupies there!

The Ian-of-the-Rollers show wasn't great to me---turns out, he was actually touring to promote his non-saleable upcoming album, "Growing Up Glam." And only played 3 Bay City Roller hits the whole night! Still, I had fun singing along to the 3 hits with Debbie, and had fun out drinking in Joisey. (Though said drinking led to desperate peeing on the side of the highway half the way home when we couldn't hold it any more. I let Debbie go first, in case something came out of the bamboo to bite her on the ass.)

The neatest thing was meeting up with my Azle friend Debbie after...25 years! She's been in NYC now for 10 years, but I hadn't seen her since the early '80s---she was my absolute best friend in junior high back in Azle, Texas. She introduced me to KISS and the Stones and Angel and all sorts of cool music that I'd never heard about before. When I think of being 13 and spending the night over at a friend's and staying up late listening to albums and watching "Midnight Special" and "Saturday Night Live" and talking and talking and talking about whatever and getting weird/neat vibes, I think completely of her..."13" really is a magical time of life if you've had the right person in it. Debbie was a real guide. I can't quite explain it right, but she is..."organic" to me---a real part of my past; someone who mattered, someone who "knows me"---me, my mom, my brother, my old house, my old initial love for the Bay City Rollers and Shaun Cassidy... All of that both real and goofy stuff. When you have a true friend at age 13, they know the rest of you, regardless of what year.


David said...

Angel!? Gawd...I remember they had the best hair.

Beth Austin said...

See above, baybee! I loved Angel! ;p