Thursday, April 12, 2007

Imus and Rick's Cafe

MSNBC just dropped Imus's show completely, and, though I've been a fairly regular viewer (I'm up at weird hours), can't say that I care much. The only reason I'd been watching was because it was a low-key thing to have on in the background while I was either on the computer or trying to go to sleep at 6 a.m. Other than that drowse-factor, most of what he had to say wasn't particularly interesting or funny or...anything. It was just kind of "there."

That said, I think this latest brouhaha is ridiculous. Imus has constantly been "good-ole-boy-ragging" on various groups since Day One. As a woman and as a lesbian and as a Democrat, I've listened to his constant barbs against "my people" and thought "yeah, yeah---you're soooooo witty." I've been listening to dumb guys talk all my life, so there wasn't much new there. What I resent about his firing from MSNBC now is the fact that somehow asshole-ish comments about blacks are considered "verboten," whereas similar comments about women and "fags" and Muslims and Asians and what-have-you are still considered fair fodder for mainstream "comedy." As I've mentioned on this blog before, why is it that you can't say "the N-Word" (NIGGER-NIGGER-NIGGER----there, I've said it) in the mainstream media, but that saying "bitch" or "ho" or "fag" is still acceptable and winked at? Imus didn't get fired because of the "ho" part of his comments about the Rutgers team, it was the "nappy-headed" part that got his bosses' PC panties in a wad.

And where are all of Imus's big-time media friends now that he needs them? Nowhere to be found. Imus sold out long ago to the powers-that-be, in the process completely toning down and taming any real wit or political iconoclasm that he might have once brought to the airwaves. He had his money and his big-time gig, and so didn't want to bite the conservative financial hands that fed him. Conversely, making fun of non-blue-collar-guy easy targets like Muslims and Asians and queers and Hillary Clinton seemed perfectly safe, so he tried to milk that for all it was worth, thinking it made him look "outspoken" and "honest"---"Just tellin' it like it is, folks." That kind of shallow, easy thing. And he's now paying a heavy price for his sell-out. The Northeast conservative boys won't back you when the chips are down. Imus should've taken Howard Stern's lead long ago and just been himself. Stern is utterly obnoxious, but he's a helluva lot funnier than Imus, without any annoying claims to "respectability." And Stern has completely done it "his way" and is now unbeholden to and unencumbered by false loyalties to mainstream money-men.

That Imus got busted for the "nappy-headed" comment is ridiculous. "Nappy-headed" is one of the lesser casual pieces of shit he's tossed out at various groups over the years. And for black "leaders" like Jesse Jackson (Mr. "Hymietown") and Al Sharpton (Mr. "Tawana Brawley") to jump all over him is hypocritical at best. Those guys are shysters and leaders of nothing; and the white cowards at NBC who caved in to them are the worst of all. You don't let someone go on for 30 years in the same vein and then all of a sudden act all self-righteous, as if you'd just discovered there was--gasp!--gambling going on at Rick's Cafe.

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