Tuesday, April 24, 2007

For sure not in Kansas!

Just look at this! The view from my office window. (Why I have an "office window" as a temp, I'm not quite sure. It could be taken away at any minute, so I thought I'd capture this one brief shining moment.)

And just look at these shots of my workplace cafeteria! My goodness. I have indeed been in work-cafeterias before (and have usually been impressed merely by the fact that my workplace even HAD a cafeteria), but this gorgeous attention to detail in a cafeteria is something else.

I'm not in Kansas any more. I've magically found myself, rather, in the land of "Things Done Right and Impressively." What a treat.


-J said...

You must stick out like a sore thumb or a bad penny there...with your good bag and your cheap shoes.

Anonymous said...

back from your electro-shock therapy you crazy nordic bitch?

Beth Austin said...

Ah, I just adore it when my loved ones gather 'round the blog...

I'm kind of puzzled, though: Is "with your good bag and cheap shoes" a quote from a movie? I don't get it, 'cause neither my purses nor my shoes are cheap!

As for "Me the Bad Penny": Now, my only problem there is that I only have the 2 new business suits! (Back at the Austin publishing company, we didn't have to dress so well.) So I look nice, just kind of... redundant! Never fear, J: With every paycheck I'll be buying another suit, so I'll soon be up-to-snuff clothing-wise!