Friday, April 13, 2007

Sexy New York

...yet another first today---the day I got my real NYC library card! I'd tried to get one a week or so after arriving in February. Since I didn't have any bill with my NY address on it, all I could get at that time was a 3-day temp card.

A couple of days ago, though, my cell-phone bill arrived---with my new address on it--- and, yes, my first thought was not about paying the bill but rather: "Hurrah! I'm now going to be official!" (That's just my own dorkiness---you're not "from" a town until you've got a library card!) So today, after Macy's, I walked on over to the gorgous NYC Public Library and got my card. And even put a book (the new Assia Wevill bio) on hold---my first official act as a library-card holder. Woooo! ;p

While walking into the architecturally grand and beautiful library, I was struck by the thought: This city's just DAMN SEXY and does things DAMN WELL. Growing up in Texas, I've been in many libraries in my day, but they've mostly been in rinky-dink strip-mall-type buildings. Even when I worked at the University of Texas library---one of the biggest university libraries in the country, with 6 million volumes---the place was just ugly; generic '70s "architecture," gaudy blue/UT burnt orange/"harvest gold" chairs, cheap carpet... Walking into the main NYC library, in comparison, was a friggin' Aesthetic Experience. From the massive lions and pillars greeting you out front to the hardwood floors and deco lamps of the reading room... Gorgeous. This whole town is gorgeous. I'm so appreciative of being able to be here.

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