Friday, May 04, 2007


OUCH! I got into the middle of a real catfight Wednesday morning, and the aftermath is painful!!

My roommate's "alpha female" cat had snuck into my room during the night. When my Wednesday morning work alarm went off at 6:45, the "alpha" cat and my own cat Grace got startled and went at each other... I stupidly stuck my bare foot in between them to break it up, thinking they would both just run off, and as a result have multiple puncture wounds from the roommate's cat, who LATCHED ONTO MY FOOT as if she were a pit bull! Seriously, I had to shake that cat in the air to get her to let go of my foot!

The result: I haven't been able to walk for the past 3 days! I can hobble and hop to the bathroom and to the kitchen, but that's about it. That cat HURT me! I've never known pain this bad---it wasn't just cat scratches, but rather teeth sunk into tendons. I've been living on mega-doses of Ibuprofen for the past three days. And, in the meantime, cursing that cat every time I've seen her. (I love and like cats, and would never hurt a cat, but... I called that cat a "bitch of a cat" today and bellowed at her in my loudest voice to get "the fuck" out of my way. I feel bad for my own cat, Gracie, who's been dealing with this cat in my room on a day-to-day basis. I've witnessed the two squabbling every day, but never to the extent that I was just attacked... Grace must have been hurt.)

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