Sunday, May 20, 2007

Goodbye to Creeps

As I've been writing this blog, I've thought I've been thoughtful enough, sometimes outspoken, etc. I've talked about my own feelings, about pop culture, philosophy, about whatever. But I've noticed that there seem to be three people primarily drawn here: Neil, Julie (pictured to the right in all his Frank N. Furter glory), and Kilroy. (Apologies to the many others who have posted over the months, but these three, according to IP numbers, are the ones leaving most of the posts.)

Now, I've read other people's blogs, and, aside from the ones that get no readers and responses (like, well, Neil's blog), the ones that do have a variety of people reading usually do have some thoughtful and interesting responses. There's even occasionally a dialogue of some sort going on. No, not a gay, dumb, bitchy dialogue (sorry Neil and Julie) or a dumb stalker dialogue (sorry Kilroy), but, rather, an actual conversation between the blogger and the readers.

Which hasn't been the case on this blog, sorry to say. Yes, there have been 13,000 or so hits since this blog's inception, but I'm afraid that, aside from the creeps posting, many others were just checking in to see what the creeps were saying!

I'm bored with that, bored with the 5th-grade insults I've seen posted here. (And bored with my responses to them!) Luckily, this blog has a feature where I can screen all the responses. I'd initially chosen to turn that feature off, since I wanted a more exciting free-for-all, but...the 5th-grade insults (and my responses to them) have just gotten dumb and boring to me. As of tonight, though, I'm gonna use that feature.

I know I haven't been writing on a 5th-grade level, yet...that's the quality of the responses I've been getting... Hmmm. Guess it's about time I made an active effort to cut the creeps out of my life. Or at least my blog. Not that I'll be censoring any arguments that might disagree with what I've posted, just that I will be censoring creepy stuff from bitchy little queens like Neil and Julie. (No offense to queens in general---I'm just bored to death with bitchy little ones.)

So...just to let you know! Read on!


Mike said...

I didn't get what you were talking about when you mentioned "5th grade" comments. I went to check out previous comments left on a prior post and immediately realized what you were talking about. I admire your professionalism in dealing with them. Instead of calling them out in an aggressive, vindictive blog, I thought you handled it quite nicely.

Beth Austin said...

If you thought what's still there now is bad, you should have seen the messages I deleted! I only wish I'd been "professional" and "calm" earlier, rather than putting up with it for so long in the interest of "free speech." Sometimes, though, enough's just enough.

Mike said...

They don't even leave their names on the comments they write, that shows enough about them.

Any idea about when the next Joan Crawford boxed set is due? The films I heard are going to be on were "Flamingo Road," "A Woman's Face," and "Sadie McKee," but I don't know about the others. I'm praying "Reunion in France" will stay on the John Wayne set and not be on Joan's.

Anonymous said...

good for taking the initiative! like I said before its a shame you had to put up with those three for as long as you have! you have a new start in the big city and they should have been tossed out like an old newspaper long ago

Beth Austin said...

MIKE: No, I haven't heard any further word yet on the upcoming Joan boxed set. (I'm with you on "Reunion," but knowing how these things work...) BTW, nice Norma site! (And nice BOE mention!!) ;p

To ANONYMOUS: You know what's funny, I had a sort of "revelation" that made me decide to vet the responses here. I'd always heard the old saying about "attracting the energy that you put out" but hadn't actually paid much attention to it. Then for some reason I had a "moment of clarity" when that thought actually sank in, and I almost smacked myself in the head: "WHY am I putting up with this?? There is no reason on earth that I have to give these awful, sniping people any more of my time or energy." Funny that I hadn't grasped that concept before!

David said...

I think this is a GOOD idea. BTW, I love this picture.

Beth Austin said...

DAVID: 'Tis indeed a good idea! And I do like how Julie looks. Too bad she's such a shit!