Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Leave Townes the Fuck Alone, Creeps

In the past month, I've heard, just in passing online, sexual things about pre-5-year-old-kids from 3 random sources. Either little kids are "devastatingly sexual" or they're sexy or it's OK to get off on online porn about them...

I hate "holier than thou" right-wing assholes, but in the case of 5-year-olds... "Devastatingly sexual"??? Or just plain "sexy"? Or, "It's OK to look at 5-year-olds posing for sex"? I've been reading this shit online and that's where I draw the line and become a right-wing conservative.

I've got a nephew about to turn 5, and he's a cute kid. A very good-looking, smart kid. What I like about him are his funny, weird conversations and his outlook on life, even at 5. Imagine if some fucked-up adult psycho got a hold of him because he was so fucking "sexy"...

I've learned that when people have been sexually abused as kids, that their subsequent outlook on life is completely sexual, often transferred onto little kids, or at whatever age they themselves were abused... So be it. It's sad, it's awful. I'm sorry for you. Get the fuck over your obsession and don't transfer it to MY loved ones. The end of my "Republican" story.


Anonymous said...

You said "I've learned that when people have been sexually abused as kids, that their subsequent outlook on life is completely sexual, often transferred onto little kids, or at whatever age they themselves were abused." Who the fuck do you think you are saying this? I was sexually abused as a child and in no way have I ever thought this about a child! I have three daughters. Oh, and I love how you state that you have just been "passing" online and "over-hearing" about underaged children. I think you're a pedophile, it makes sense with the whole "Lohan" obsession.

You're creepy.


Anonymous said...

Its so funny that how suddenly your blog has the most interesting of readers; a bible humper so concerned with you spelling god with a capital G and now a child abuse victim with 3 daughters

And somehow they all manage to find your blog just as you happen to be posting on the very subject that would "relate" to them

Very interesting

Anonymous said...

Sounds like transsexual with multiple personalities... Sybil or Julie or Stephanie?

Anonymous said...

You sorry dyke, you don't really deserve this, but I'm in a generous mood - you're in luck! :)

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Beth Austin said...

Julie, I thought years of counseling before your transition would have gotten you over thinking of yourself as "Frank N Furter" from "Rocky Horror"! Yikes! Really---after years of hormones and counseling about thinking of yourself as a woman...all you can up with is that you're Tim Curry in "Rocky Horror"?? What's next---heartfelt quotes from Divine??