Monday, May 07, 2007

New York, New York

My nephew's birthday is coming up this month. Back in Austin, he and I always liked each other a lot. (He would always insist that I sit by him at whatever table, etc., which always made both his mom and my mom/grandma mad! Heh-heh.) But now that I've been away from him for 3 months, I'm afraid he's forgotten me! He's going to turn 5 this month. For his birthday, I've picked out some stuff for him that's all about "New York City," where I just moved.

First off, he's always liked wearing caps, so I got him an official "New York Yankees" baseball cap. Which wasn't really that easy! Some stores only had adult sizes. Some stores only had a myriad of funky colors like black-on-black or red-on-black; not being from here and not being a baseball fan, I had to humble myself and ask people what exactly the official colors of the Yankees were! (Navy blue and white.) You'd think that being in New York, the official cap would be easy to find, but it wasn't. I probably went to 5 or so shops before I came across the real thing. I definitely wanted "old-school." Townes can get funky on his own later, but as for now, I want him versed in the cap/sports-logo basics!

The shop where I found the cap was in Midtown, in a total tourist-shop between where I work and the subway. Which is also where I found the rest of my nephew's New York-themed gifts: A picture-book of NYC, an Empire State Building pencil with King Kong sitting on top, some "I HEART NY" and cartoon NYC stickers... (Kids like stickers!)

The coolest thing about the whole thing was the guy at the counter, whom I started talking to about my purchases... He was asking about me and what I was buying, and I told him that I regretted coming to New York so late in life (age 41), but that I wanted my nephew to be aware of the city and how cool it was and to be familiar enough with it so that he could come to it a lot sooner than I did...

The shop-guy told me, in return, about how working in Midtown was depressing for him; he never saw the same people twice, since it was such a tourist mecca; he missed having regular customers. After we talked, he ended up taking $10 off the baseball cap, and telling me how lucky my nephew was...

I love Townes a lot, and I really do wish New York for him in his future.

And I'm thankful for this nice man at the shop, who saw exactly where my heart was.


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