Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Real Fans of Joan Crawford

A bit weird to me how so many online "Joan fans" can proclaim their fandom so adamantly, yet... don't show up when the chips are down. There's an awful lot of blathering out there.

For instance, the "Best of Everything" Joan website just took up a collection for contributions to a fund to have flowers delivered to Joan's grave on this May 10, the 30th anniversary of her death. $218 was collected, which purchased a 3-dozen red-rose bouquet that was delivered to her grave this May 10. (Of the $218, the contributions ranged from $3 to $50.)

When I traveled to Joan's Ferncliff crypt in Hartsdale this past Thursday, May 10, I expected to see other flower tributes to her there other than the one sent from the "Best of Everything" website... And I'd just recently read an online proclamation from Joan's grandson Casey, who said he'd be going out to Ferncliff to pay respects... I thought there would have been the "Best of Everything" rose tribute, plus many other individual tributes. Not so. Where were you, all you allegedly hard-core Joan fans? You couldn't even have come up with money for a $10 bouquet of daisies?

The bouquet sent from the "Best of Everything" site was the only flower arrangement there. Where were the contributions from the other Joan fans and family members?

A sad reflection on Joan's own family, but definitely a happy reflection on her fans who remember and respect her.


Anonymous said...

Why would anyone want to risk sending an expensive floral arrangement when you would just destroy it or "ruin" it somehow? Nah, there are other ways Joan fans are paying their respects. Just because flowers weren't sent by all the many Joan fans, does not mean she wasn't honored and remembered.


Beth Austin said...

Not quite sure what you mean by me "destroying or ruining" a floral arrangement. That's a pretty bizarre statement.

Just to clarify about the flowers, though: I didn't mean to say that anyone who didn't send flowers wasn't a "real" Joan fan. However, it does seem to me to be a bit odd how some people are continually online talking up how devoted they are to Joan... Yet don't show her any respect either on her birthdate or her deathdate. As I mentioned, the flowers sent from the "Best of Everything" site were the only flowers there on the 30th anniversary of her death... You'd think that other people, especially her grandson and those who make a big production out of their "Joan fandom," would've at least made an effort to send a card or note...

Last year, I traveled all the way from Texas to pay my respects at Joan's NY grave. This year, since I'm now in NYC, the journey was shorter... A shame that the BOE bouquet was the only flower arrangement there. A lot of people talk up their love for Joan, but aren't willing to make any effort other than typing on their keyboard.

Coketo said...

One would also hope that Joan fans - like yourself - would be intelligent. You're the only one not making sense. Do you realize that people have 'things' to do? Going to visit Joan's crypt is not important, and not showing up on the anniversary of her death isn't a big deal. You are the one who spells god's name without a capitol G, which is also not a big deal - HA! you're opinion on Joan fans doesn't matter and doesn't count, sorry you lose! ;)

You having a little room on your very busy SCHEDULE is admiring -YAWN.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, I have to side with Stephanie here. There is too much hypocrisy around. But why this mindless worship of a dead person?
I don't quite get it.