Monday, June 11, 2007

Slice o' Life

The more I see of Lindsay, the more I like her. These shots were taken last summer, 2006, at a party at Sean Lennon's apartment, but are just now being publicized on the gossip airwaves. And "E!", for one, is acting all shocked. (The angle being: "Nick Lachey, how do you feel about your Vanessa Manillo being in such---gasp!---shocking photos?!") Really, are we in Azle, Texas (population 5000), right now? Lindsay's fucking cool, in that she's willing to snub her nose (and flip a finger) at the self-righteous. (And who, by the way, gives a flying fuck about what the utterly bland has-been Nick Lachey has to say about anything?? Being with him seems like it would be like being with a Nebraska farmer, or with a frat boy. Except with access to better hotels. I'm surprised, frankly, that Vanessa, or any girl, doesn't run off with Lindsay, to their knife's content. Old-time Angelina---now dulled to senescence by her Mia Farrow-esque adopting---had nothing on this chick.)


Anonymous said...

I dont see whats so 'shocking' about the photos either its not like they were naked feeling each other up and sticking their tounges down each others throat in a catholic church or anything, people need to get real

Beth Austin said...

Thank you! I agree exactly. I think what's getting the mainstream media's collective panties in a wad is duofold: that the pictures have both homoerotic and violent undertones. Ooooooh! ;p