Sunday, June 10, 2007

"Ever got the feeling you've been seeded?"

To paraphrase Johnny Rotten.

When the US had its Mars mission last year, one thing NASA was careful about was somehow trying not to include any organic material from Earth on the spacecraft. Specifically to avoid any "seeding" of Mars. This wasn't greatly publicized, but I found it interesting that NASA would make that particular effort.

Aside from the "the salt content of the Earth's oceans is the exact same salt content of humans' blood" and "the static on our TVs is leftoever matter from the Big Bang"---You know, THAT sort of thing---Jesus, we were seeded. The Earth's been struck a hundred-thousand times in the past by meteors, et al, and at some point some biological/genetic content got through.

When I was a kid, I remember looking up at the billions of stars. And thinking, "Our sun is just one star." And then thinking, "If stars are the source of life, like hell we're the only life out there!" If a 10-year-old could come up with that, then...please. Just as when I was a 15-year-old and reading the Bible for the first time, I started wondering: "Hmmmm. There were Adam and Eve. And then Cain and Abel. So which son fucked the mother to populate the earth?" And then, "Adam and Eve seemed pretty white and perfectly formed. Where did all those cavemen come in? And I never heard about Noah including any dinosaurs on his ark..." The Bible's a big joke. I only had to read it for a week or so, as a dumb KID, to realize that. I'm amazed that the Cult of Christianity continues to reign after 2000 years. People are stupid.

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