Monday, June 25, 2007

Just Like Marilyn

My senior year of high school, I was in love with a girl. Once I went to college, she fell in love with somebody else, and I was dumped. But this one thing stays with me:

I was spending the night at her house, and her room was upstairs, with air-vents in the floor. At some point during the night, I was walking across the vent and it blew my long, dorky night-shirt up... I said, "I feel just like Marilyn Monroe!" And she laughed.

We never even kissed, but this was the first girl I was in love with. There's nothing in the world like when someone "gets" you.


Anonymous said...

Satisfied now, "MM?"

copied and pasted from vintagephoto. oh, how i feel confident you won't publish this here - but please feel free to - and stop feeling so goddamn superior AND sorry for yourself, you goddamn excuse for a human being - you are far worse than any living thing!!

2007-06-26 08:57 pm UTC (from (link) Select
"It's so ridiculous. Did you know that your sympathetic reply made me cry like a baby? And that angelplay a month ago made me throw myself off a cliff, I got heavily bruised - I suffered a bad scar just above my left cheekbone, that is permanent, I nearly died, I got picked up by a helicopter. I've lost my best friend Michael, and now I feel I have no future. I shouldn't have said this, but I just did. There are many people who are worse off than me, yet I am by no means happy to be alive."

Beth Austin said...

Julie (aka the "Norwegian Paris Hilton wannabe") just sent me the above:

"I threw myself off a cliff, and a helicopter picked me up, and now I have a cheekbone scar!"

... My eyes are rolling so heavily that I'm now considered legally blind by the authorities.

What will Julie say next: That she's now devoting herself to helping others?!