Friday, June 29, 2007

Pussies Galore

With the addition of this batch of 5 babies a few weeks ago (3 pictured here with Elvis), the apartment that I share now has a total of 12 CATS!! Let's see if I can remember them all: There's my Grace, who stays the hell in her/my room, where it's safe; the 5 babies; the mother of the babies, Bunny, a long-haired cat who climbs ladders, has a croak for a voice, and is good-natured but sassy; a nice white muscular snowball who likes to be petted named "Paulie"; the bitch-of-a-cat who bit the hell out of my foot back in April, "Barbara Joan"... Those three---Bunny, Paulie, and Barbara Joan---I've petted and interacted with. (Though, not BJ after "The Incident"! Bunny and Paulie used to come in my room all the time, not only to say "hi" but also to mess with Grace by eating her food and using her litter box! Since BJ's biting, though, my room's off-limits to others except the babies!)

Then there are three "mystery cats": Dewey, the father of the babies, whom I see out a lot but who never tries to come in my room; Billie, whom I seeing sleeping on top of the fridge every now and then, but that's about it; and then the Uber-Mystery-Cat "It," AKA "Leo." He likes to hide within a living-room couch, and I only see him once every couple of weeks.

Sadly, several of my roommate's grown cats (not quite sure of the culprits, but I blame Barbara Joan and Dewey) don't know how to use the litter-boxes, which results in the apartment REEKING of cat piss! (And occasional turds and piss puddles on my bathroom rugs!) I'm trying to be a "scoopable litter" booster around this joint! (Previously, the roomie had a bunch of newspaper sheets laid around the apartment...!! Luckily, my good litter-box influence has come in time for the new babies, whose new owners will hopefully be very, very grateful!)

And I've got to give a shout-out to "Big Ed"---the orange patriarch of the place, who died a few weeks ago, Human Age something like "120"! When you touched him, he was fragile as hell, nothing but bones, but he was one of the sassy cats, always coming into my room to say "hi" to me and to bug Grace by eating her food, etc. (The cats who'd come in the room would usually spar with Grace. Barbara Joan was demented, getting really mean. But Ed and Bunny would just exchange a few paw-swipes with her, which I think is fair and kept 'em all alert! :)


Anonymous said...

My oh my, how POSITIVE these last two entries appear!! By now you should know I'm not to be defeated - care to suck on my new, upgraded cunt, baby? ;)~

Beth Austin said...

Ewwww. No thanks, Julie! I'd much rather eat fajitas in SoHo. Or pigs' feet. Or tripe. get the idea! ;p