Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A little ad agency in Sausalito...

Hmmmm. For the past day, someone's been posting "Anonymous" messages both here on this blog and on my Joan Crawford guestbook (since I moderate comments, nothing went through publicly), saying he knew my dad's e-mail address and was going to tell him what a "fuck-up" I was.

Well, it just so happens all of these "Anonymous" messages have a little IP number that came with them: When I looked that number up, lo and behold, it turns out that it's from someone who works at an ad agency in Sausalito called "Butler, Shine, Stern and Partners." What a coincidence----a "rival" Joan webmaster also works at an ad agency in Sausalito called "Butler, Shine, Stern and Partners"!

Perhaps I should e-mail them with the IP number, attaching the weird messages, and ask whether they could possibly keep lil' Neil busier during the day so he doesn't have time to write me so often! Ya think?

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Beth Austin said...

Good lord! Check out another anonymous e-mail I got today:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "A little ad agency in Sausalito...":

"God you are pathetic beyond belief, and "Life without Lights" was boring beyond belief, you should never write again. You'd be well advised not to. Oh, in case you entertain some bizarre, perverse notions that you have the slightest "power" over me, think again. You will be buried or cremated without ever having been loved...."

Now, given how the "Sausalito" post had nothing to do with Julie, who wrote THIS particular post, I'm just mightily puzzled about why this loon-from-my-past is coming out of the woodwork again! I keep trying to distance myself from these weirdos, but they keep popping up again and again, like weeds.

("Life Without Lights," BTW, was a screenplay that I let Julie read way back in 2002 or something! Why she brings it up now, I have no earthly idea. Who cares about something I wrote 5 years ago??)

As for any "power" that Julie thinks I might be trying to have over her... Huh??? Oh, the paranoia! Better get on your meds again, Julie. Sorry, but I'm not "into" formerly institutionalized middle-aged people who still live with their parents and stalk teenagers online!
Honestly, the above bitchy response of mine aside: When I was in Austin, I think (no, I'm pretty sure) that I was bored to death with my surroundings and so made friends with you online, Julie, just for something to do.

You seemed interesting, intelligent, and "exotic" at first---it's just that you've turned out to be actually psychotic as opposed to exotic. That goes far beyond "interesting" into the "deeply sad" and "beyond my control" realm. You're a case for the doctors, not for me.

You and I haven't been in contact for years, yet your above message posted here yesterday reads as if I'd JUST asked for your opinions on my writing, or as if I'd JUST tried to exert my "power" over you in some way... Really, what sort of fugue or drug-induced state of wishful thinking are you in?

I understand that you're bored at home with your parents in a small town in Norway---you've always said you fancied yourself a "city cat" yet you haven't been able to go out and make a life for yourself in any city on your own. Fine. If you're better off at home with your parents, then so be it. Lots of people live in small towns and are perfectly happy. I'm not judging THAT, but what I am judging is how you try to present yourself as something other than that, when in fact you're 45 and are unable to maintain a job and you live at home with your parents. That phoniness is what's creepy to me.

Just... don't come online to me and my blog and act like you're Theda Bara, with hand to forehead, bemoaning how oppressed you are by my attentions! It's pure drama on your part, pure creation and invention because you have nothing else going on in your life.

Really, I do understand that since you get no energy at all in your everyday life, that you want some sort of energy flowing in, even if it's negative, but... I'm not the person to provide that for you any more. I cared for you at one point, but I don't care for you now. My burial or cremation is none of your concern.