Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Washington Heights

My financial situation is such that I'm forced to look for studio apartments in the Dominican-dominated Washington Heights, which, while still in Manhattan, is way cheaper than the rest of Manhattan.

Which is fine with me---the neighborhood's fine, and Dominicans are fine---except that my Dominican real estate agent is warning me, "You don't want to be around Dominicans. They just came here. They don't know how to act." JF came to the US 20 years ago, and he DOES know how to act. Today, as it rained, he opened his umbrella and held it over me. And, after 3 apartments he showed me, explained them along the lines of: "If you were my sister or girlfriend, I would [or would not] let you stay there." (One apartment, there was some loud-as-shit music coming from an apartment down the hall. I said, "There's no way I could ever be here, with those people..." And he got on his phone and called the Jewish landlady out in the Bronx and she said she'd immediately get a letter out to them to tell them to shut up...)

Lest you think my hood is decrepit, hah! One block away from where I live is a now-cemetery where George Washington then fought the Brits in a battle in November 1776. And a few more blocks away is where Washington was headquartered for a month during the Revolutionary War---the Jumel house, which is the oldest structure in NYC.

That's the thing about New York City---you just walk around and see the most mighty of things on an everyday basis.

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