Monday, June 11, 2007

The Stupidest Form of Hell

There's nothing worse in the world than having someone you aren't even remotely interested in constantly coming on to you. Oh wait---there IS something worse...when said creepy person (who happens to be your roommate) has read your blog over the past months and seems to be obsessed by what you say and keeps insanely mentioning: "You just don't like me because you're obsessed with Julie. Julie! Julie!"

I keep trying to tell my obsessed roommate freak: "Julie's a crazy online shit," and that SHE (the roomie) is even more insane and boring as shit. And yet I still keep getting knocks on my door at night AND blog-posts from Julie (that I have to censor).

It's called dumb-ass HELL, folks. I wouldn't wish such stupidity on anyone.

Here's my prayer: If I have to be in hell, may it not take place amid my current dumb-ass shit, but, rather, in Sean Lennon's kitchen, with Lindsay Lohan's knife to my throat.


Anonymous said...

You have an active imagination! If this is all so much hell for you, why not just get rid of the blog? Makes sense, but love it. It's your only outlet for attention. And why did you delete the post against Danny, don’t have the guts to keep it on your blog huh? And you screen your posts so no one can actually have an opinion or comment about this crap blog. Coward!

Beth Austin said...

Um... Not so sure what your accusation of my "active imagination" refers to... Yeah, I have an obnoxious roommate who reads my blog; yeah, there's a nutty Norwegian who's out there still reading my blog and trying to post things that I'm blocking 'cause they're so stupid... If that's not "realism," I don't know what is!

I don't believe that I ever said that this BLOG itself was hell, but rather that some of the dumb-as-shit people who were attempting to post on it (and getting edited once I decided to do so) were ridiculous and stupid.

RE any "Danny post": Huh??? No, Neil, I never posted anything here RE Danny. Nice try, dummy.

In short: If you don't like reading this blog, and think it's a "cowardly crap blog"---then why are you here reading it? Please...omit such cowardly crappiness from your daily reading pleasure! ;p