Sunday, June 03, 2007


I just had a dream last night about Julie London. She was talking to me close-up, with her face circa 1970s, and I was her girlfriend... There were a bunch of hangers-on, and a question of who she wanted over at her house as guests... Husband Bobby was there, but also two lesbian friends who were disapproving of me... At one point, I had to go home from Julie's house... I was walking home, trying to find my way around a turnpike highway system, and everyone else got on bikes and passed me by, but then remembered me and came back for me. Also, for some reason, there were kids around. I remember seeing my younger brother at about age 8 or so, looking at Julie and saying, "She seems moist." I remember thinking about him, "You idiot."

No, Julie wasn't gay in real-life. And, yes, I woke up very happy.

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