Friday, June 22, 2007

Who's Your Mommie?

Yet another e-mail from Julie:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "A little ad agency in Sausalito...":

"Oh, Lordy - Neil nearly laughed his head off when he saw this...

LOLOLOLOL!!! Better prepare your mommy to steel herself for some come-on calls in the time to come!! =D"


Gawd, Big Patient Sigh...

Today, Julie sent the above message, with the attached (cute) photo of my mom and dad, 1962.

What's odd to me about Julie's message is:

(1) I posted this very same picture of my parents on this very same blog months ago. Which is where Julie copied it from. It's been up in public for months, so what's so mysterious now? They were a cute 1962 couple! (I love my mom's eyebrows and eyes! She's German, and I wonder if it's a Germanic thing---young Doris Day pictures have the same look around the eyes.)

(2) Why would Neil "nearly laugh his head off" about my mother when his own mother looks like this:

Since his own mom is (according to his blog) relatively skanky and currently residing in a Boston jail, I pretty much doubt that he'd be so judgmental!

As for the Mamas steeling themselves: Julie, when you post these things, you seem to forget that you also once sent me photos of your own mother, and that I also have your, and your mother's, home phone number. How would you feel if I said to you, "Better prepare your mommy to steel herself for the come-on calls in the time to come"? Fight your own battles and have a little mutual respect for the civilians, huh? Our "mommies and daddies" have nothing to do with what their dumb-ass aging kids are babbling about online.


Anonymous said...

JG (remember? ;~)

Anonymous said...

I jus' happen to love-love-love this particular site, baby mine,


Beth Austin said...

Of course I do. But when you align yourself with're just like them, Julie. You need to make your choice.

Beth Austin said...

I remain amazed by how the connection between people who were once close can dissolve into dumb-ass-ness or bitchiness. It seems like if there were once something real, that, when it was gone, there'd at least be a little bit of respect for remembrance left. Respect for, for instance, the look in a person's eyes, or, if online, one funny thing that a person said that the other person got without explanation.

Anonymous said...


Why didn't you post the repaired pic of your parents? I did post it to your yahoo group months ago


Beth Austin said...

Kilroy, RE the "repaired" pic of my parents: I liked it better with brown tones, and missing blots. "Old-fashioned" like.