Thursday, July 12, 2007

Hot in the City

Back when I lived in Texas, which is "fuckin' hot" (90 to 105 degrees) for about 4 months straight out of the year, I used to mock weather reports from other parts of the country, like NYC, complaining of "heat waves."

Now that I'm actually in New York City, I realize what they (the news reports and residents) were talking about: While Texas is completely equipped for constant 90+ - degree weather, with every house/office building having air conditioning, NYC, on the other hand, is decidedly NOT so equipped! My room in my apartment, for one.

I had a job interview today, and sans air-conditioning in my room or bathroom, blow-drying my hair while getting ready was a huge sweaty chore, as was trying to put on my makeup afterwards. I took an expensive car rather than the subway ($25 versus $2) to the interview just to avoid the sweaty nastiness of the subway in this weather, and was able to make conversation about the bad weather once at the interview... (The editor in charge, it turns out, has both a wife and daughter who have been bitchin' about the very same hair/makeup problems!) ;)

I'm going absolutely nuts in this heat.

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