Thursday, July 12, 2007

Gay Training Wheels

Note to a diminutive gay guy who says on his blog that learning to ride a bike without training wheels made a "man" of him:

Um... I was about to say, "We ALL learned to ride bikes without training wheels," but, oh, that's just mean. I'm gay too, so I suppose I should be sensitive. (But, REALLY--- Can't I just mock this guy just like he was a STRAIGHT guy?? What straight guy---nay, what PERSON---would ever, 25 years later, act all proud that he once learned how to ride a bike?!)

Reminds me of another gay blog where the author's boyfriend was soooo proud of once yelling at a middle-aged woman in a parking lot because she was too slow in getting out of his way: Wooooo! You GO, Tuff Gay Guy!

If there's anything I can't stand, it's weak, bitchy men who try to give great import to their extremely minor "triumphs." (I would say "weak, bitchy PEOPLE," but it's rare that girls wave their dicks around while dissing somebody about their makeup, etc. Girls, to their credit, usually admit it right up front when they're being trivial.)


Mike said...

Some, to use the word "all" would definitely be wrong on my part, but some gay men, straight ones too, have this idea in their minds that they can talk to women, especially straight women, anyway they want. Does being a gay man mean that it is okay to talk to women anyway they want? Hell no.

I remember being at a restaurant a few years back, and some bitchy guy and his boyfriend were screaming at this older woman. They even looked like they were about to physically fight with her; then the manager had to come in and throw them out. They next went out to the parking lot and continued to shout insults out. So pathetic. I kept thinking to myself, �I hope the husband of this woman comes out and teaches these two bitches a lesson.� Looking back on it, I should have done something.

I can remember being bitchy like that at one point my life, but I was never bitchy to just one group of people, it was anyone. I learned my lesson, AND learned that the real way to piss people off is to avoid arguments. (Ever notice you get into an altercation with someone and you can just tell they have been waiting for a fight all day? Blow them off. It pisses them off more, and makes you look better.)

In all: If you�re going to fight to women like that, be ready to fight with their husbands ten times as stronger. But why bother to fight at all? There�s a major difference between sticking up for yourself, and just being an asswhole.

P.S. I just saw a naked picture of Joan, I'll post it on the message board. It's innocent though. She doesn't look nearly as bad as a naked, chunky Norma does! ha!:)

Beth Austin said...

Ah, if only I could learn to be Zen-like and avoid arguments! (Ha! Like THAT'll ever happen!) :) Seriously, though, I have a real philosophical problem with "turning the other cheek." 'Cause then the bullies think they can keep getting away with their shit. I'd much rather let 'em have it right back to teach 'em a lesson.

p.s. Thanks for nekkid Joan!