Saturday, July 07, 2007

Who's Your Momney

Last night, while falling asleep, I was watching Republican candidate Mitt Romney on C-Span, with his blonde wife, doing a generic meet-n-greet in Iowa, which went on for about a half-hour. (I did indeed fall asleep during it, as desired.)

In the dream I had later, though: the blonde woman with Romney wasn't his wife at all. Instead, there was another woman giving a press conference, cloaked in blue robes, with the rest of her face all in blue, except for the area of her nose, which was green. While watching this, I knew that the woman was Norwegian, in some sort of "tribal garb." This woman claimed to be Romney's wife, and he said it was so. I remember being extremely bewildered: "But I just SAW your wife and she looked nothing like that!"

Let me just say, in the few minutes that I watched Romney on C-Span, I thought he was a shallow, Republican jerk. And, yeah, I do have a "Norwegian" hanging around in my mental past. But what in the world would put these two together?!


Anonymous said...

Maybe this time, Steph - I look reasonably focused. Am I your blurry dream? Publish me if you like, I don't mind - and I have nothing to hide...

Beth Austin said...

First, re the dream: Despite the fact that the Romney-wife/woman in the dream in the blue "tribal getup" and green nose was Norwegian, I don't know that she was symbolic of you, Julie. Maybe and perhaps, but not clear to me. I looked online re any symbolism for the colors blue and green in Norwegian lore, but couldn't find anything.

Second, re your picture: Interestingly, someone on the Joan message board just posted a link to a site where you could post a picture and see what celebrities most closely resembled you.

After playing around with pictures of myself and of Joan, I entered both of your pictures. The earlier one came up with these top 4 matches: Keira Knightley, Catherine Deneuve, Peta Wilson, and Jessica Simpson! (The Deneuve photo comparison looked EXACTLY like the shot of you.) The second photo, the link you sent just now: Marcia Cross ("Desperate Housewives" US TV star), Susan Sarandon, Joan Collins, and Paulina Porizkova.

Fun to play around with!

Third, re your continuing to contact me anonymously via this blog: This is a convoluted analogy, but bear with me... My roommate has a cat she calls "It." (Real name "Leo.") 90% of the time, he lives within the springs of a couch in the living room, venturing out only very rarely. My roommate said that once, when he was young, he was so bold as to come up on her bed and sleep with her... But every time she tried to pet him, he freaked out and scurried away, yet kept coming back to lie next to her, obviously wanting some attention.

Finally, she figured out a solution: There was another cat lying next to both of them. While petting that other cat, my roommate would pretend not to pet "It" but would still manage to lightly touch him in the process, because he obviously was craving some attention and affection, but was incapable of responding to it directly...

It's clear to me that you want some attention from me. In the past month, you've sent dozens of anonymous posts to this blog, to my Joan and Julie London Guestbooks, etc. Nasty as they were, they didn't bother me because I kept thinking of the story of that cat...

I don't know how to "cure" you of your fears. I've known you for 7 years now and time doesn't seem to have made you more mellow or more contemplative. While you do have "mellow" and "contemplative" moments of clarity, you then tend to swing back drastically and constantly to the high-pitched, hurtful "irrational."

In the future, if you want contact with me, I hope that you will do it personally, by e-mail to my personal e-mail address, rather than in public forums such as this blog. You seem to forget that we were once friends. Yes, once briefly "pseudo-lover-online-intimates," but before and after that, I thought we were still friends.