Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Birthday Greetings

I got this card from my brother for my birthday. The best part was the inside, with the quote from my brother RE 5-year-old nephew Townes at the upper left ("I told Townes that the girl on the front was you as a child. He says 'She looks cute, but she looks crazy!'"):

What cracked me up is that I could very much sense Townes's dilemma... Though the picture is NOT me, he thought it was (my brother has a warped sense of humor, similar to mine---it's a weird German/East Texas thing), and was trying so very hard to be polite... but then the REAL impression of what he saw just burst out of him!

When I talked to Townes on my birthday, I asked him when he's coming to New York to visit... Besides me, both of my brother's wife's sisters live here, too (Brooklyn and the Lower East Side), as does Townes' 10-year-old cousin, who just spent a week with my brother and family in Austin. My brother told me that Townes is very aware of New York and is curious about it. That's my goal---to get him curious and comfortable with the idea of the city at a young age so he'll visit and ultimately make it here by his 20s! (As opposed to my not getting here 'til age 41!)

It really is a special place. Not only is it gorgeous and interesting, but it's got more than enough substance to back up its glamour. People have referred to it as being a "hard" town, but what it actually is is... It's not a lazy town. It expects something of you. It wants you to work for what you ultimately get. To me, that's not "hard"---it's "fair."


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Stephanie!

Hope your day was special..


Beth Austin said...

Thanks, Barb! I did have a nice day---I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, and also bought myself a couple of cheap used books at the Strand: "Gangs of New York" (the basis for the movie) and "Literary New York."

Anonymous said...

Released on DVD by Paramount Video in Norway today(presumably in the other Scandinavian countries, too) - cover art


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