Tuesday, August 14, 2007

LL Rocks

You know what? Who gives a fuck if Lindsay Lohan drinks or does drugs... or chases people down the street in a "hijacked" vehicle, for that matter. (Oooh---I bet those 3 big club guys were really scared when Lindsay jumped in their car...)

Good for Lindsay for having an ounce of gumption and free will left in her after 15 years in show business. Good for her for daring to act weird in the face of the monotonous drumbeat of the media (including the so-called iconoclast Perez Hilton) that wants her smiling and acting fakely pleasant at all times.

I'm sure she'll "repent" publicly in the near future, but for now... keep those golden cuffs on your rear-view mirror, Lindsay. You're the most aesthetically pleasing wild thing since the 1932 Joan Crawford.


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