Sunday, September 23, 2007

And miles to go before I sleep...

I felt foreign in Texas. I'm better now, much better, in New York City (love saying that strong, sexy name) and my newly-beloved Jersey-suburb of Weehawken (love saying that funny name, too).

Both my psyche and my body have adjusted. I was a size 12 when I got here 7 months ago; now I'm a size 6. I'm not unnecessarily tense any more. Seriously, back in Austin I used to get tense in generic situations like grocery stores. At the Weehawken Pathmark (a big-ol' grocery store with everything in it a la Texas, and unlike the tiny grocers in Manhattan, where you can't find anything) today I was involuntarily whistling and doing little dance moves along with the piped-in '60s music. And I was whistling on my way home, carrying my bags. I was whistling while I was putting up my stuff in the kitchen. I used to be mightily irritated by people who whistled in public. I always thought they were being pretentiously, preternaturally, fakely cheerful, putting on a show for others. Well, after my own whistling today, I must apologize for doubting the motives of others in the past. Maybe all those people I was mocking in the past were just feeling happy and light-hearted and glad to be walking around!

["Needles and Pins-uh"---listening to right now, had to get up and JUMP and sing]

What the above has to do with the snowy picture...Ah, no games. Julie posted that on her blog. I still like Julie. And then I got to thinking that my mother's maiden name (from northern Germany) is the same as many last names in Norway. And would I be comfortable in northern Germany/Scandinavia? I think so, but is it a genetic thing? Do I think Norway's attractive just because of Julie or because "my people" came from northern Europe and the genetic memory's imprinted in me? Or do I just like the Scandinavian women I've met since I've been in college and am projecting that on Julie?

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