Monday, September 03, 2007

Berlin Berlin

The last (and only) time I was in Berlin was when I was 18, 24 years ago in the mid-80s. Reagan was in power, the Cold War was still on, and when us tourists (my mom, me, and my brother) were visiting Berlin from West Germany (back when the country was split between East and West), we had to stop by several East German checkpoints, where they all checked our passports. (The East German soldiers who came on the buses were ridiculously young. At one checkpoint, the baby-faced soldier looked at my passport, said, "American?" When I nodded, he nodded back and smiled broadly and said perhaps the only English word he knew: "OK!")

Here's the thing: My mom is German, and I have official German citizenship (dual, along with America), since my mom was still officially a citizen of Germany when I was born in the '60s. I was recently talking with an acquaintance who loves France but who can't live there because of the residency/work laws for an alien...He pointed out to me that, as a citizen of Germany, I'm also officially a citizen of the European Union... I can frigging go wherever I want to go, and, not just GO there, but WORK there and STAY there...

You know what? What the hell.

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Interesting. :p

Btw, I don't think you have this one in your collection, I happened to find it today.