Sunday, September 23, 2007

I [Heart] Weehawken, part 2

This place is perfect for me. Reminds me a bit of my old house in Austin, which I'd lived in from 2000 to 2007. That house was built in the '30s, this one built pre-WWI. I like the funkiness and character of both places. This new place is about twice the size of my Austin house, though. And with a gorgeous sun-room! (That metal sculpture in the window is especially neat-looking at night, with the light from the room behind it.)

I fell in love with it the second I saw it, even though my roommate's ex-roommate had just moved out and there was stuff tossed about everywhere. It cleaned up real nice. My roommate has been out sailing in Maine for the past 2 days and I took it upon myself to organize all of his books scattered about. (When he lived here with his old roommate, the place was kind of the roommate's---his furniture, his decorations, etc. When the guy moved out, the place was left rather chaotic---not even a trash-can in the kitchen or rug in the bathroom, for instance, and Paul's stuff scattered everywhere. That's one thing I kind of like---my first NY roommate had lived in her apartment for 25 years. My second owned the co-op apartment, had lived there for 7 years, was very proprietary. Here, though Paul's been here for a couple of years, his roommate was here first and Paul always felt like a "second-class citizen," as I've felt. Now there's a relatively empty place and both of us excited about thinking of things to do with it. (We'll see what he thinks about my book, and kitchen, organization once he gets home!)

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Beth Austin said...

In Weehawken Notes: To my surprise, I saw "Weehawken" mentioned on the news a couple of days ago! George Clooney was motorcycling around here with his girlfriend and they got into a wreck. Those NOT-IN-THE-KNOW might've been wondering what in the hell Clooney was doing in Weehawken of all places... I guessed correctly: He was showing his gal-pal the gorgeous view of the Manhattan skyline! Just a block away from my house, as was his crash...